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Drive Football



Drive Football

Drive Football is an American Football Game with a difference. This game is fast to play (once you learn it 🙂 )and you will be racking up the wins (or losses) in no time at all.

Purchase Drive Football
$12.00 USD

chartsWhat you get:

  • PDF game book for printing
  • Game Charts
  • Excel Workbook with 2014 players (sourced from Pro Football Reference) and printable game books
  • Types of Plays quick reference table
  • Game instructions
  • Quick start guide (with full completed PDF Game Book example)
  • Email and forum support.

Drive Football - Types of Plays

Drive Football Features

  • Designed for fast play with pen and paper resulting in realistic results.
  • The game plays at a Drive by Drive level, while still producing realistic individual player stats and performances.
  • Use real player season stats as the player’s actual game ratings (little or no conversion needed!)


Drive Football
Drive Football
Purchase Drive Football -An American Football Dice Game.
Price: $12.00

Game and Player Statistics Collected

  • Produce a NFL style ‘Game book’ as you play!
  • Ball Possession and Drive Chart
  • Final Team stats (Yards, Defensive Plays, Scoring etc…)


  • Quarterback Stats (passing, Yds, TDs, Int…)
  • Rushing and Receiving Stats (Att, Yds, TDs…)
  • Fumbles and Recoveries


  • Sacks
  • Intercepts
  • Forced Fumbles & Recoveries
  • Defensive Touchdowns

Special Teams

  • Punting & Returns
  • Kicking & Returns
  • Field Goals and XPs
Drive Football
Drive Football
Purchase Drive Football -An American Football Dice Game.
Price: $12.00


8 comments… add one
  • Steve Taylor

    I can’t wait for this to come out. Any idea when it will be available for purchase?

    • Hi Steve

      Thanks for the question.

      I am looking to complete it very soon (worst case scenario is July 2015, well before the NFL season starts).

      If you haven’t already, join up to the email list and you will be the first to know.

      In saying that, knowing that people are waiting to purchase it will drive me (no pun intended) to finish it quicker 😉

      Kind Regards Jason

  • evendim1065

    Just checking in again to see how it’s progressing…any chance of it coming out before July?

    • Hi.

      Unfortunately, I can’t promise anything before July 2015 (I am just too flat out right now). I will certainly let everyone know here and on the email list once I have an idea of a launch date.

      If I do get some time, I certainly would like to get it out sooner, but cannot promise anything right now.

      Regards Jason

  • Jason, I wanted to see if I can create other seasons for use with the game from have t
    Jason, I wanted to see if I can create other past seasons for use with the game from the stats available on footballreference.com. Thanks, Joe Post

    • Basically, yes. The game is designed to be able to create custom teams, or grab historical teams. It may have a limit how far you can go back as it is optimized for modern style of play with increased passing v rushing…

  • Gabriel Porrovecchio


    I have just purchased Drive Football but I do not have a download link. How does it work exactly?


    Gabriel P

    • Hi Gabriel

      I have resent the game files via email.

      Regards Jason

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